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My name is Lynn and I am a certified RYT 200 yoga instructor and have special certifications with YogaKids and Mindful Mamas Prenatal teacher certification.  I am looking forward to working with the children and families of our community through playful learning during hosted yoga classes.  I will be creating a dynamic and safe space for them to develop into energetic, peaceful, positively balanced (physical, emotional, social, intellectual, civic and spiritual) individuals. 

This groundbreaking YogaKids program introduces children to asana, breathing, relaxation, stress reduction and playfulness. In our fast-paced, multi-tasking, technology-driven world even children can feel out of balance. I am fully insured and can offer yoga classes in your home and/or space. I would love to teach yoga to kids in your space.

The YogaKids “way” teaches children through classes that are comprehensive, imaginative, playful, and co-creative.  I use such modalities as physical exercise, language, arts, music, reading, writing, mathematics, science, ecology and health.  It has been shown through research that learning can increase by up to 90% when movement and language are used in conjunction with one another.  The YogaKids approach utilizes Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory, which recognizes there are varied and different combinations of intelligences.  Since the mind and our muscles have memory the children will be using their brains and their bodies to process all the information we will cover throughout each class.

I am bringing kids yoga to our community to reinforce in each child their natural learning ability. My hope is that every child that participates in a YogaKids class will leave more balanced, more informed, more relaxed and more empowered.  We will explore their strength, flexibility, coordination and balance along with body awareness.  We will work to improve focus, concentration and self-confidence, enabling them to take on the pace of our society in a more healthy fashion.  Throughout the class each child will be encouraged to relax and have fun while they are developing their strength, flexibility, coordination and balance along with body awareness. 

According to a 2003 study by the University of California it has been found that children who enjoyed frequent yoga instruction “saw significant increases in self-esteem, as well as overall fitness, academic performance, and even a decrease in discipline problems as students felt more relaxed and were more respectful of their peers”. (https://life.gaiam.com/article/study-shows-yoga-boosts-kids-grades )

See this link for more information on the internationally accredited YogaKids program: (https://yogakids.com/).

See this link for other kid yoga studies: (https://www.yogabenefitskids.org/about-us/research)


With my prenatal yoga classes we find a way to bring a stress free environment that is also a place for women to feel like they have a support system of thier own and a place to relax and be clam during your pregnacy. We also allow you to connect with your partners or supportive friend or family in my prenatal partner class. 


My family yoga class is a place where you and your family including grandparents or aunts, uncles, etc. can come and spend time together while being healthy and supportive to one another in a safe environment. 


WIth my yoga at work I hope to bring workers to a calm and peacful state and to reduce stress in the workplace. 


I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the possibility of working with you and/or your children in our community to help teach them a love of yoga and life through YogaKids! I hope to engage each adult to participate in their children’s learning through yoga.  Adult support only enhances children’s ability to be healthier, happier beings. 



~ Lynn

Founder of Ages and Stages Yoga LLC. 



—Practicing Yoga since 2009

—Registered Experienced Yoga Teacher Through Yoga Alliance (RYT 200)

—Owner of Ages & Stages Yoga LLC

—Teaching Yoga since 2013

—Certified yoga teacher through Brian Granader Yoga 200hr Teacher Training program

—Certified YogaKids teacher through – Kim Vulinovic  at YogaKids

—Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher through Laurel Hicks – Mindful Mamas


Please feel free to contact me anytime.



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