The YogaKids Warrior Series

08/19/2015 21:21

The YogaKids Warrior Series

YogaKids Strong Warrior

 Warrior 2 – Strong Warrior

“I am Strong!”

… show me your big muscle man arms…. Yes!


YogaKids Brave Warrior

Warrior 1 – Brave Warrior

“I am Brave!”

… now show me how strong and how brave you are


YogaKids Powerful Warrior

Warrior 3 – Powerful Warrior

“I am Powerful!”

– Repeat on the other side –


Go another step deeper and have your kids think of other “Warrior Qualities”  other positive words that describe warriors.  I am constantly amazed and awed by the responses I get from kids.

“I am Kind”… “I am Smart”… “I am Fearsome”… “I am Fearless”… “I am Confident”… “I am Terrific”

Doesn’t it make your heart sing just to read these?


Here’s another crazy little secret…

This warrior series also works for energy regulation.

Another thing I noticed this week was the power of these 3 poses to change mood and energy.


Try it out in your class or with your own kids at home when they are feeling the crazies.  Experiment with just these three poses and see what happens.



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