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At Ages and Stages yoga we offer the following classes: 

Where we travel to you for your needs

  • Kids yoga 

  • Mommy and me yoga

  • Family yoga

  • Yoga Birthday Parties (Days or evenings)

  • Private Sessions

  • Girl Scout Classes

  • After School Classes

  • First aid and CPR (through (AHA) American Heart Association certified Instructor)

  • Prenatal Yoga

  • Prenatal partner yoga

  • Yoga at Work

  • Bridal Yoga

  • Travel to your location for desired yoga class


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If you do not see classes you are looking for please contact us at 586-524-4980 

Ages and Stages Yoga programs can be offered as a weekly, monthly, PA day or Summer Camp activity. Our yoga programs encourage students to use their imagination while integrating yoga poses with songs, music, storytelling, games in a structured, non-competitive, fun and relaxing environment. Programs are age appropriate for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School Age children. Please contact us to discuss a program and price that works into the centres budget!


Ages & Stages Yoga Mission Statement


•  To provide children of all ages and abilities an outlet for play, learning, and relaxation.

•  To provide a solid foundation in yoga practice that will enable students to positively respond to the stressors of the world.

• To encourage children to be loving, kind, giving and caring contributors to society.

• To encourage children to believe in themselves and others so that there light can brightly shine and make a difference.

• I hope to engage each and every adult so that they may participate in their child’s learning through yoga.  




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Ages and Stages Yoga



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